The 2017 Tri-State Housing Conference took place September 2017…see you again in Maine in 2019!

Thanks to all our vendors, sponsors, presenters and attendees.



Welcome to the Maine Association of Public Housing Directors:

Partnering for safe, attractive, affordable housing.
For 30 years, local housing authorities have collaborated via the Maine Association of Public Housing Directors. As part of its goal to continuously improve the quality of services offered to Maine people, MAPHD provides training and consulting for local housing authorities throughout the state of Maine.


Training for staff and housing authority commissioners, on topics such as Legal Issues, Income & Rent Calculation and Tri-State Conferences.



Consulting assistance with administrative requirements, such as preparing HUD agency plans, requests for proposals, IRS nonprofit applications, and bulk purchasing.


Assisting housing authorities across the state in qualifying for grant funds and subsidized loans for affordable rental and homeownership initiatives.


Since 1941, local housing authorities across Maine have been providing safe, attractive, affordable housing to people with low and moderate incomes.

Based in 20 cities and towns from Van Buren to York, local housing authorities own and manage over 4,000 affordable public housing units. Through the Section 8 program, they help over 8,000 additional Maine households afford private rental housing.

MAPHD is made up of the Executive Directors of Maine’s twenty local housing authorities. Since 1975, MAPHD has been working to retain institutional knowledge and to expand the role that housing authorities play in the development of affordable housing. MAPHD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is located at the Westbrook Housing Authority.